Per Brandstedt is an innovative Swedish artist and craftsman engaged in a diverse practice of furniture design, wood crafts, sculpture and public art. Per has pursued his career in wood crafts and art for more than four decades producing a significant body of work in his medium. Ranging from design and production of furniture and other domestic artefacts to the creation of unique craft objects, sculpture and site-specific public art.

The processes of conceptualization, design and fabrication are inherent in Per´s work. He is invariably driven to test the limits of his material and conventional technique. His works are investigations into the experiential aspects of form and materiality. He creates objects to be interacted with, touched, sat on, objects to be reflected upon; objects which build poetic relationships to the people who interact with them. A summary of his investigations lead to two main topics, the vessel and sculptural seating.

Alongside his extensive artistic practice Per has initiated and taken part in numerous international and cross-cultural collaborations and skills-sharing projects that have taken him to many parts of Europe as well as Australia, Japan, Senegal, Mexico and the USA. Being a core issue of interest and inspiration, he has actively participated in many cultural exchange platforms domestically and abroad including symposia, collaborations and residencies. Per has exhibited his work extensively all over Sweden, but also in numer
ous international exhibitions in many European countries, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Senegal, South Korea and USA.

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